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BIGBANG — Сольный клип ‘LOSER’: Тэ Сон

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  • In K

    Идея показать расширенные истории — просто отличная. Именно для этого клипа они бесспорно нечто большее, чем просто допматериалы для фанов.

  • Yanga

    Oh this made me wanna cry so badly.
    Dae you’re not a loser.
    You are the most kind and warm person.

    I think meaning of this video is about Daesung’s past (accident)
    He had suffered so much becuz of that.
    In this video, maybe those who bullies him are a media. And the girl is the Vipz. We protect him but still media is letting him down :(

    Loser is such a meaningful song and MV.
    Each member shows their true personality and how they feel inside. So touching.
    YG never disappoints us!!!

  • skye5

    После просмотра всех сольных отрывков клипа лузер всю квартиру слезами зальеш.