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Выступление BIGBANG на Церемонии «MAMA 2015»


Bae Bae

Bang Bang Bang

Отрывок с Сынри и Сехуном из EXO:

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  • Yanga

    Loved the performance! Full of energy, full of talent. But for me the crowd was too quiet like dead lol. Melon Music awards perf was just no words!!! But this one too.. still great perf as always.
    OMG GD!!!! His hair!!! How can u girls dislike his hair? Hahhahahahahah. I just can’t stop staring at GD. He looks sooooooo hot.
    And the best moment was Seungri and exo member hahahhahaha. I died when I see them))))))) Only SR can do that. No one else!!!!