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[видео] G-Dragon с наградой «FASHIONISTA AWARDS 2015»

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  • Yanga

    I just watched Victoria Secret 2015… remembered Barbara Palvin and GD hahahahahahhahaha. They should date, seriously))))))

    • YanaToon

      Посмотрю тоже Victoria Secret на выходных. Оно здорово создает новогоднее настроение :) Barbara Palvin там была?

      • Yanga

        No no, she wasn’t there. But her friend Stella was there. She was with Barbara when she met GD.

        • LeilaTurlubekova

          ащщщ, чингу, ты даже такую мелочь запомнила))) а я вот даже лицо Павлинихи запомнить не могу…хахахаха

          • Yanga

            Hahahhaha how could I forget her pretty face, she is such an angel hahhha. She even follows GD’s private instagram. Soooo, I really hope there is something between them hahhahaha

            • Magnitude

              Люди, ваша фантазия меня порой пугает. XD

              • Yanga

                Hhahhaha you should not worry about that. They stays in touch through sns but they will never date, trust me)))))))