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G-Dragon в инстаграм (01.03.16)



Прим. Сегодня в Корее празднуют День независимости

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  • Yanga

    Speaking of instagram, miss KIKO is posting extremely sad posts in her instagram lately)))))))))))))

    • kalispera

      Sorry to say that, but I personally find it inappropriate to still stir up her topic. Whether she was or still is GD’s gf or whatever, she’s still a person, as all of us. I’m not being offensive or anything, I just can’t understand the exxagerration over her (which took place in the past). What’s so bad about her when no one of us knows her personally, really? She made mistakes? All of us did. None is saint. Only relying on rumors (all the information that we have about her) is equal to being kids who believe in everything they hear. Once again, no offence, only love and peace)) Just an opinion. Or maybe it’s just me who only cares about BB’s music and doesn’t care too much about their personal lives, as there’s total mess in my own))))

      • Yanga

        Oh my sweet girl, I agree with u completely but I’m just being sarcastic here. Otherwise I will never give a thing about anybody’s private life. Specially Kiko’s. What I’m saying is I am glad that GD is enjoying his single life. We all know that he loved that girl or he still does. We could see if he’s happy or sad through his posts on his social accounts. Lately, I don’t really see that kind of posts from him and it feels good. But here comes Kiko, being kinda «emo» and it just makes me wanna joke around. That’s all.